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Wisdom of ShiZun


During this time of the last chance, it is necessary to spread and consolidate the Tao in turn. But we must not be satisfied with the renown we have or remain based in one place. If you have the will, God will give you the chance to succeed. As long as you cultivate yourself and propagate the Tao, those destined to believe will naturally come to you.


To cultivate yourself and propagate the Tao you must abide in non-action. Consider all people as your benefactors in a previous life and devote yourself completely to heaven, in the knowledge that any achievement you may have is given you by heaven and the universal Buddhas. Only in this way can you avoid the pitfall of striving to gain fame, benefit and power from the Tao. I, your teacher, truly feel sadness and regret at the present state of our faith.


Future achievement is not decided by the scope of the faith, the number of holy houses or the size of the following. It is decided by whether one’s cultivation is true, whether one abides by the precepts, is free of greed and falsity and acts without argument or dispute, purifying one’s spirit to accomplish his will.


You must help others as well as yourself achieve salvation in this life. If someone can not find the Tao at a particular time, we should hope and pray for them to achieve salvation in their next existence. Think clearly and value your chance of cultivation within the great cycle of virtue and reward, to create the pure spirit of heaven on the earth.


Disciples of the White Era cultivate their broad and encompassing vision, congratulate others on their successes, praise their excellence, salute their diligence. Learn to make the world and ourselves happy. Learn to make the universe and ourselves happy. Learn to make all sentient beings and ourselves happy.


The Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng said: “To keep one’s mind humble is merit; to treat all sentient beings as equal is virtue.” At all times, observe the to and fro of the world around you with gratitude and repentance. Observe it all with a smile in your heart, and in this way you will avoid much anguish.


Now at this time of the final salvation, if one wants to go beyond, one should not cling to grace, resentment, affection, revenge, injustice or love. One should cast away all such obstacles, and one will naturally overcome and find oneself. Although ordinary people, unlike the ancient Saints, can not immediately “free their minds of all attachments,” they can begin by learning to “use their minds to help free themselves of attachments.”


In the Holy house you will face many incredible tests of wisdom. I, your teacher, can not settle down the bodies and minds of my followers for them. I hope all of you can feel the mind of the heaven, the mind of the Buddha and the mind of your teacher, that you will cultivate yourselves honestly, keep firm to your will and abide by the precepts. As Brother Lu Tong said, “Don’t seek the power of the Tao! Abide by it! Be cautious with it!”


If every disciple of the White Era can pray for all sentient beings, can ask for an end to misfortune and disaster, the concentration of their good wishes will surely reduce to a minimum the misfortune and disaster that befall people. Furthermore, heaven will give you more time to spread the Tao.


In the time of the final salvation, those who cultivate the Tao should set high goals and raise their minds to the same level as the universal Buddhas. For if one only seeks one’s own escape from the world and one’s present life, how can one hope to reach the Sea of Truth?


Besides having people entering into Tao and preaching or establishing new temples, we should also remember our responsibilities to those who are suffering in our society. Our caring actions may include commiserating with the poor and the aged, caring for orphans, protecting our environment and helping mentally disabled people. We should also support the activities of animal liberation and encourage the awareness of animal protection. These actions will establish good relationships with all beings. Do not ignore the above matters just because they are things that happen on Earth. If we could not make things perfect on Earth, how can we accomplish our divine nature in Heaven?


I, your teacher, am fair to each of my followers—not being generous to one and stingy to another. I will assist anyone who has the will to spread the Tao. You do not have to admire the people who have spread the Tao widely. Since everyone has their own destiny, their accomplishment in spreading the Tao may be different. My wish is for your mind and will to remain unchanged, and I will give you my greatest blessing. Remember that as the clouds fly away, the bright moon appears, the sweetness always comes after the bitterness.


Commiserate with sufferers and those who perish in disasters. When you worship day and night, pray not just that the Tao be spread widely but pray as well for all who suffer. People who successfully spread the Tao may ignore the virtue of kindness and sympathy—this is not the primary color of a person who cultivates mind. Only by showing concern for people in adversity will you be able to draw those with affinity to come near.


At the time of fulfilling your will, you are also fulfilling your affinity. Do your best but do not entangle yourself by unnecessary arrangement. Therefore, you are released right away and will not be trapped in another causality which unfortunately you will have to pay back in the next life. In my previous life, I wrote a poem for fun. Although it was written with no specific intention, it has caused dispute and confusion among my followers today. My advice is: Be cautious as to what is in your mind and do not stain yourself with the affinity of affection.


As long as you are in harmony and cooperate with each other, I, a poor monk, will not ignore your requests. Even though we do not have sufficient causes to bring things together at the moment, I still visibly or invisibly help you to set up temples everywhere. If you are not of one mind to Tao, honestly, I will be embarrassed and not know how to face each Buddha’s concern.


Cultivators should be indifferent to fame and wealth, take what comes and be contented. They should not be over-indulgent and should detach themselves from the display of splendor. I, your teacher, am used to living under humble conditions; having a bowl of rice donated from a thousand families and traveling long distances alone. I am casual but have dignity. Therefore, I cannot accept and instruct rich and snobbish followers.


Cultivators should distinguish between worldly and Holy tasks, private and public affairs. By not differentiating between the right way and the wrong way, you can easily fail. There has never been a Holy house which does business to serve private ends. If you are too greedy and too insistent on doing so, God will repay you in similar fashion, and it will not be perfect.


In the Holy house, do not spread rumors among one another or even fan the flames. Learn to be kind, sympathetic and tolerant. When you treat other people this way, God will treat you the same.


You should always strive for the benefit of others. Do not seize all the power yourself. This will harm the good name of cultivation and hurt the innocent followers. Although I, your teacher, do not have great virtue, I leave you with numerous Holy houses to enable you to spread the teaching of the Tao. I do not expect much from you. My only wish is that all of you carefully cultivate the mind and not disappoint the kindness of God.


From the bottom of your heart, you should extend unlimited concern and offer up prayers, for all those beings that are gripped by anguish and disaster in the Six Paths*. Wish them well in having as early opportunity to escape from the sea of bitterness and suffering. *The Six Paths are the six levels of existence in which a soul can reside: deva (celestial heaven), human, asura, hell, animal, and hungry ghost.


Although I, your teacher, take care of you very much, I can not sufficiently give words of guidance to you, the heads of the Holy houses. That is because your minds can not match mine. Most of you pay too much attention to rumors among yourselves and your fame outside. You always work hard in spreading the Tao all the day but do not reflect on the brightness of your inner nature. It is probable that I, your teacher, lack great virtue, and so am unable to influence you.


The “Three Talents*” (holy mediums) do not belong to just one Holy house alone. If there is the chance to appear as the circumstances dictate, I, your teacher, would like to go everywhere to promote the faith of all my followers. Otherwise, if you do not make good use of the “Three Talents,” you betray the wonderful opportunity bestowed upon you by God. *The Three Talents (holy mediums) are the Heavenly talent, the Earthly talent and the Human talent. The diviner is called the Heavenly talent, the transcriptionist is called the Earthly talent and the reader of the divining script is called the Human talent.


God has already given you too many opportunities. Unfortunately, most of you lack the sincere gratitude to accept them. You were tired of and rejected the previous cases of causality, which threw away the chances of going a step further to assist the beings in the hells and indirectly transited the destiny that the celestial beings come to show in your Holy houses. Whether you can accept it or not, I, your teacher, spoke out of the above. It can be an obstacle that you think you hold obstinately to your prejudice.


I, your teacher, do not reject the followers who have already left the Holy houses. How can you who have been their fellow cultivators not have concern for them? You should pray for them with mercy, and hope for their return to the Holy houses from the path of error as early as possible. The greater your purity of mind, the greater your power to induce their awakening and repentance.


Do not let yourself be led through life by the divinations of fortune-tellers. Do not give up easily in the face of adversity. If you have the will to harmonize your life with the way of Buddha, you can soar free from earthly limitations and escape the cycle of reincarnation. Once sincere thought can influence all things and all beings in the universe, which is surely a commendable achievement.


Do not put too much emphasis on the mere number of temples and followers, for that will put distorted thoughts of struggling for “possession” into people’s minds. If you begin to dwell on comparisons of numbers, you may soon fall prey to the Devil. Heaven in its final judgment evaluates a person’s virtue, discipline, mind, will, and accomplishments, not his wealth or fame.


How many people have already, unconsciously, fallen into the pit of striving for power, influence and fame within Tao? There are no words to express my grief when followers form such attachments. We, your teachers, did not take anything away when we finished our mission on Earth. We left you with the responsibility of “the universal salvation of the three realms*” and the mission of running the temples. What is the good of contending over possession? *The sphere of the universal salvation of the Ways of Providence for the spiritual natures is very great and extensive. Firstly, it is possible to save the spiritual beings (devas) of celestial heaven. Secondly, it can save all the living beings of the human world, and thirdly, it can save the disembodied spirits or ghosts of the underworld. It is, therefore, called “the universal salvation of the three realms.”


We call them “ancient sages” who cultivated Tao before you and have already returned to Heaven. We call them “seniors” (predecessors) who cultivated Tao before you and are still here with us on Earth. And we call them “fellow cultivators” who are cultivating Tao along with you now. It is our great fortune to be blessed with the teaching and friendship of each and every one of them; each has merits which deserve to receive our respect and glorification. It must always be with a modest heart that we seek the truth of the Tao.


After many years cultivating and spreading the Tao, it does not just increase your wealth and fame but your natural wisdom. People at this time should fully understand that wealth and fame are transient and impermanent.


In the whole process of Tao cultivation, “using,” “devoting,” “acting,” and “hiding” should complement each other. Spreading the Tao everywhere is performing the visible duties of Tao. Promoting the spirit through increasing the virtues is performing the invisible duties of Tao.


Use your minds to pray for the suffering people who have still not received Tao. Pray for them to meet virtuous people to learn the Tao and become sages. Otherwise, pray for them to receive Tao and become sages who can escape from the Bitter Sea in the next life, even though they can not receive Tao in their present lives.


Do not be satisfied with your present ease and happiness. You should be grateful for the environment of Tao cultivation at this time. Even if you are in adversity, you are still better off than the beings in Hell, the hungry ghosts, and all the animals of this world. How can you complain and feel frustrated? Nor can you be proud or self-contented.


In cultivating and propagating the Tao, you should continuously push yourself toward a higher level of dedication, so that you may improve your virtues and wisdom and reduce the constraints of fate.


When reading the sutras written by the Saints, you may learn new things by reviewing old things and understand that one principle runs through all the teachings. From the above, you will comprehend the hardship of the Saints’ teachings.


Always maintain justness of mind in cultivating and propagating the Tao. All virtues and accomplishments are to the glorification of Lao-Mu (Heavenly Mother or God) and the Buddhas. Do not be misled into following man rather than truly cultivating the Tao.


Recognize that each follower is an individual, having his own particular needs for help and guidance. Lead him closer to the prompting of his conscience. For those who cultivate the Tao, awareness of the true meaning and the true way is important beyond all else.


A great trial lies ahead for us all, for the trial of wisdom of the White Period approaches. Each of us must in his mind be prepared: must, as is said, “attain inner calm to stand up to the storm.” Only by enduring the suffering and pain will the follower be able to attain his highest capabilities.


Fortify your minds, keep firmly to the true path of cultivating the Tao. Nurture the flame of conscience that burns brightly within us. You may not achieve perfection in this life, but as long as you retain your virtue you can look forward to achieving it in a life to come.


Nurture a pure and sinless mind in all places and at all times. Thus will the purifying influence of the Tao spread among all on this Earth. Then there will be nothing to bring this master disquiet. It is my hope, followers, that you grasp this precious chance in every moment of your lives.


Follow the spirit of those who have shown you the way in propagating the Tao. Do not diverge from a true knowledge of the Tao. Be a follower of the true Tao, not of any man. With all your power, strive to bring calm and stability to this world.


Act according to the teachings of the ancient sages. Abide by the cardinal principles, and follow the path of virtue. Never worship Buddha, immortals or individuals as idols.


Be virtuous always and honor the precepts of Buddha. Encourage and guide other followers of Tao and be encouraged and guided by them. Help one another. Join together to cultivate and propagate Tao. Bring into being the one great family spirit of Buddha Maitreya.


Be not led to anger by greed and disharmony. Live by the great principle of sincerely and truthfully cultivating Tao without falsity or greed. Follow the instructions passed on to us by the sages of the past. Disseminate widely the spirit of Tao of selflessly aiding all fellow beings on this earth. It is only for God to judge between right and wrong. Avoid any disputation that may create divisions in the temple of Tao.


All rivers flow to the sea. Everything returns in the end to the one source. As long as you truly cultivate and propagate Tao, all that you are owed by man will be repaid by God. In the time of tremendous changes that in the future will come to the temple of Tao, you must remain steadfast to fulfilling all your responsibilities and obligations.


The Dian Chuan Shi (Transmitter of Tao) should act and cultivate Tao in an upright, candid and dignified manner, so as not to defile the decree of heaven that he holds.


Act with the utmost deliberation in promoting Transmitters of Tao, lecturers and the Three Talents. Without rashness, you may avoid the large losses that sometimes stem from trifling matters.


There are already so many Tao temples in this White Period. What does this signify? There were no great temples when I and the Divine Matriarch were in this world. How then did we propagate Tao? That is a question worth reflecting on for you, the followers of Tao.


Only the freshly inspired heart of the new follower of Tao may be considered absolutely pure, truthful and ingenuous. Older followers of Tao may not be able to retain all sincerity and dedication or escape from the confusion between right and wrong in this topsy-turvy world.


The great trials of this White Period are coming upon us even now. It is the time when the chosen ones will be saved and the others condemned to damnation. The world is changing, the followers of Tao are changing, all of mankind is changing. I, your teacher, hardly know how the balance may be maintained.


The rise and fall of each individual closely affects all the generations of his ancestors and descendants. Therefore you, followers of Tao, must always act with the utmost prudence and care.


If you neglect to study the teachings of the saints and sages, you will not be able to truly know what was in their hearts and their minds. Then when confronted by dangers and difficulties, how will you find the ease and self-possession for choices which mean to live or to die, to rise or to fall?


Your teacher is weary in heart. Yet who can truly understand? Who can share the burden? I hope you can go out to propagate Tao in the world and withdraw to cultivate Tao in your hearts. Remember these words of your teacher: Cultivate Tao in your heart, and spread Tao with your whole heart; whether cultivating self or saving others, from start to end you must never diverge from the path.


Before you come to the end of your journey in cultivating Tao, do not allow yourself to harbor any greed or wild desires. Do not be too sure about your own virtues or achievements. Just one wrong thought will carry you into the Devil’s snare.


You must be strict with yourself in following the rules of Tao, yet always be tolerant and generous to others. Keep forgiveness in your heart, and keep always wide open a way of return for those who truly repent of their wrongs.


If one’s goal is to seek enlightenment in this life only, then one’s affinity with me lasts only this life time. If one generates thoughts of great wisdom and compassion without obscurity and creates favorable conditions to benefit all sentient beings, then one will come back to life accompanying me in the next cosmic cycle to save the mortal world. Life after life I shall always be your teacher and friend. This is indeed the perpetual compassion and heroic volition of a cultivator.


Value every minute and every second of one’s inner thought. Protect this little spiritual light of life.


Time is short! There is urgency in the heavenly count. All sentient beings are in great calamity. How can one not seize every moment to cultivate and propagate Tao? How does one have time to pick on the right or wrong of human affairs? How much time does one have to waste?


My disciples! You will not be allowed to procrastinate and relax by the heavenly count. You shall seek progress assiduously so as not to let down the grace of assistance and expectation from Buddha.


If there is no trial and frustration in cultivating and propagating Tao, how can one nurture one’s deep virtue and elevate one’s spiritual nature? I hope you understand this so as not to bring about complaint and vexation in adversity, which will only cause further moral degradation.


Value every trial that enables your advancement in cultivating Tao. Respect the ideas and criticisms of other people. Learn to accept guidance and reproach from others. Do these all with harmony and joy in your heart. My blessing upon you, that thus may you not only shape perfection in your own character but also create perfection and peace in the temple of Tao.


Pray for all beings in this world of suffering and strife. Wish that they also may rise. If you truly strive to excel, my heart can be at ease. My love and concern may be fully bestowed elsewhere, helping others sooner to come to a propitious state.


Always cherish every circumstance and event. But do not get so caught up in those circumstances and events as to make of them stumbling-blocks in your path toward cultivating Tao.


Respect Buddha, but do not be attached to outward forms.


Put off the ego to reduce unnecessary troubles. Do not let affinities built over time be destroyed in an instant.


Keep clarity of mind without entanglement so as not to become confounded in lives afterwards.


Always keep faith in sincere cultivation regardless of the ups and downs of fortune in your life and around you.


Learn the virtue of self-withdrawal from the Divine Matriarch.


Obey the rule of three honesties. Observe a clear distinction between public and private property. Do not take advantage of sentient beings.


Do not gossip about the right or wrong of people. Observe goodness in others. Discover the beauty and innocence in humanity. This is transcendental wisdom.


Be attentive to true virtue when helping the talented to their full accomplishment. A hero, a gifted person can achieve a great deal amid applause or become disheartened under neglect.


When promoting a talented person, pay heed to the matching of fame with substance, so as not to delay Heavenly and humanly affairs.


A cultivator shall always put aside physical and mental burdens in order to be sovereign and free.


Learn to be a stream of clear water in a muddy world, a lighted candle in a stormy night.


Adhere to the factual in one’s conduct and down to the basics in one’s cultivation. This is what God cherishes most.


A cultivator shall be familiar with all Buddha’s precepts and etiquette, which are also prerequisites of cultivation.


When encountering serious and insoluble problems, kneel and bow frequently to the Heavenly Mother. In utmost sincerity, wonder will come. The first idea appearing in mind when one is in an egoless state is the revelation from God. I have never handled before such a great feat of salvation of the three realms. In the past, when I encountered difficulties I did just that.


Respect the cause and condition of all Tao temples and sentient beings. Also, treasure the cause and condition that God gives us. Cultivate in Tao wholeheartedly. Do not pass up this once-in-sixty-thousandyears opportunity.


Uphold and attend to the duties of Tao, which belong to nobody but the Heavenly Mother. Leadership in human affairs is but a manifestation of the gathering of causes and conditions. Do not cultivate Tao for the sake of someone else. Broaden your mind to elevate the idea of cultivating and propagating Tao. Broaden the affinity with sentient beings in assisting and attaining Tao. Expand Tao’s temple in the course of evolving and changing the universe. Help all until the day of their fulfillment. In gratitude all that has been done shall be returned to our Heavenly Mother.


At this moment, many sentient beings are in suffering and reincarnation. Many cultivators are in declining and trial. Do you know how sorrowful I feel whenever I think of this. Hope you pray and dedicate merits to all sentient beings at this moment. Generate compassionate thought to wish for their transcendence.


You get to know more about the people in temple. Help them to be clear minded and liberated. Common people are not saints. Who can be without fault in conduct and in mind. In forgiveness, help them stay away from the suffering of regret and anguish. Expect their returning and renewal.


All Buddha and sentient beings in the three realms and all directions are rejoicing over the cause and condition of the final salvation overseen by Buddha Maitreya. They, with their compassionate volition, will put forth all their efforts for the task of final salvation of the three realms. This grand cause and condition will be lead and completed in the mortal world. My disciples! In order not to let down the assistance from God and fellow human beings, you, cultivators in the White Period, shall make best use of this auspicious time and cultivate in Tao earnestly and without condition.


The end is near. All that is true or false, kind or evil, good or bad are gradually unveiling. This is not the test from God. Instead, this is deviation and lacking in the attitude of cultivators who can not be unbound from the binding of fame, power and status in Tao’s affairs, and who become involved in political struggles. It is what Devil originates in one’s mind and trial is induced by oneself is about. Therefore, in cultivation one shall always be attentive to the invisible and the insignificant in mind.


I, as your teacher, have neither talent nor virtue. I can not inspire you to complete cultivation from beginning to end. Consequently, Tao’s temple is evolving to a situation of division and autocracy. I regret that I did not stay in the mortal world longer to work harder. Many of you take Tao temple of the utmost wondrous virtue as children’s play. It is indeed a shame upon the grace of Heavenly Mother and the commission from the Grand Patriarch, Buddha Maitreya.


You, cultivators in this mortal world, care too much about clinging to merits and owing of fame, and do not let go. Therefore, whenever starting out Tao’s affair, there are unceasing interference induced and karma produced. In contrast, it is easier to teach souls and needy creditors in hell. They have been in suffering so they care not to covet anymore. If they attend dharma assembly on their knees to receive Buddha’s nurturing preaching, and immerse in the light of Buddha’s wisdom, they will at that instant release mental illness such as greed, anger, lustful desire and conceit, and breed no erroneous longing for merits and fame. In gratitude and repentance they will follow Buddha’s deployment to assist indirectly Tao’s affairs everywhere so that they will instantly rise above suffering. This is the special advantage in delivering souls in hell.


In hell, there are also Tao affairs, lecturers and teachers to support causes and conditions of the prevalence of Tao. They will help the Buddha of hell (Buddha Ksitigarbha) in looking after brother souls and sister souls who are waiting to be delivered from suffering. Heavenly Mother also praise them. For being in hell they understand the suffering of hell. Their gratitude to God’s grace and Buddha’s virtue is more sincere than you. At least they don’t have the right and wrong of the mortal world. My disciples! How you should cultivate yourselves earnestly, so as not to let me and the Divine Matriarch worry about you.


Today, Tao’s temple seems to be prosperous. Disciples of Buddha Ji-Gong are all over the world. To judge by appearance, I shall be happy. On the contrary, I feel regretful. I am but a lunatic monk. I have no power. Today I take the empty name as the master of the three realms. All glories belong to the grace of Heavenly Mother and great compassion of Buddha Maitreya. The development of Tao wholly depends on the support of Buddha in all directions, who receive order from Heavenly Mother to help. Anonymous virtue from them is unknown and invisible. Without their exertion and determination to revolve the universe, my disciples, how can we promote Tao’s affair internationally, and how can we broaden affinity with sentient beings. I hope you always deeply revere the grace of Buddha in all directions.


Although grandiose temples and solemn chapels are indispensable, if cultivators and propagators of Tao only compare fame and forms, it is leaving the basic principle and purpose of Tao. I had not even one temple in those years. I traveled everywhere with empty pockets. How unencumbered and free I was! At this moment, heavenly time is short. It is also good for cultivators in this White Era to make use of sincere monetary donations from sentient beings to help the sufferings in the mortal world, support environmental protection and offer medical supplies.


Now the earth is severely damaged. If left without maintenance and repair, this beautiful globe will be withered and destroyed by your hands. Buddha and immortals in all directions worry for you. My disciples! You shall not only engage yourself in the protection of the inner moral environment but also assist and participate in the movement for protection of the outer physical environment.


The promotion and establishment of Tao’s affair depend partly on humanly efforts and partly on heavenly authority. Heaven will be affected by our sincerity. When the cause and condition are ripe, things will be done effortlessly. When Tao’s affair is wide-spread, it surely deserves to be congratulated. But do not forget to help and care for sentient beings in misery. Today, thee are civil upheavals in Bosnia, turmoil in Cambodia and suffering of the Kurd people. My disciples! They are also children of Heavenly Mother, and your relatives in past lives. I hope you frequently pray for and bless them. Devote your merits and kind thoughts to them. If possible, quickly join in practical rescue activities.


Adhere to the basics in one’s cultivation. Upkeep heavenly decree in Tao’s temple. I left nothing to you. I only want you to treat those numerous true cultivators kindly. Let them move forward. Let them accomplish. Let them return to Heaven. An ancient sage says, “In order to attain ultimate Buddhahood, one needs first to be like a horse and cow toiling for sentient beings.” We, cultivators in Tao, shall have the spirit of being a shoulder lift for other’s attainment of Tao. As your teacher, I am willing to be like Buddha and Bodhisattvas who paved way with their blood and flesh for sentient beings smooth cultivation forward enlightenment.


Strictly speaking, how can cultivators’ exertion of heart on the way of cultivation and propagation of Tao be called merits? Even if there is a bit of merit, think again. Don’t you want to clear the retribution of karma? Don’t you want to dedicate merits to the deceased ancestors for their good deed to you? Don’t you want to be safe and have good luck in dangerous time? Don’t you want to reserve a little for the journey back to Heavenly Mother? Plus, one needs to balance the debt from daily sinful acts, wrong doings and mistakes. My disciples! How many merits have you left to show off?


I have advised you to learn the virtue of self-effacement from the Divine Matriarch. You may have not conceived the idea deeply. Now I will make it clearer to you. Cultivators shall follow her way: to be anonymous among people, to be invisible in the three realms, to conceal merits and virtues in the bosom of heaven and earth. Sentient beings all know my silly name and ridiculous appearance. But only a few know your Divine Matriarch’s wisdom and virtue. Her virtue is most remarkable. I can not be equal to her on this virtue. In approaching the end, cultivators shall learn to remain inconspicuous, anonymous and concealing of one’s virtue. Do not display fame and form. Let God’s grace and Buddha’s virtue perpetually illuminate the spiritual field of all sentient beings.


In the future, the bizarre and illusive occurrence of thirty-six false Divine Patriarchs and seventy-two false Buddha Maitreyas actually originate from within, not from without. Observe that the division and power struggle in Tao’s temple today comes from interference of growing selfishness. Unsuspectingly, conscience recedes and devilish influence proceeds. Out of it, all confusion and trial come about. Without selfawakening, one will be unknowingly entrapped in sideways. I hope you practice diligently “the three learning,” that is discipline, contemplation and wisdom, in order to acquire true wisdom to pierce through ignorance accumulated in countless past lives. Cultivate Tao candidly so as not to be tempted.


A cultivator needs to be disciplined and sincere. Even when you only do trivial chores such as cleaning toilets or offering towels, you can also achieve heavenly position in the future. If one only wants to show off, clings to merits, and becomes overly self-righteous; if one lacks a heart of magnanimity, benevolence, forgiveness, harmony and gentleness, then one can not be at one with the heavenly spirit. Hence, the final achievement will be limited. Attaining Tao in one lifetime does not warrant against regression in all lifetimes. So you see, how necessary it is for cultivators to nurture the purest, the most sincere and the most genuine heart as well as a spirit of perseverance. The most important is always to serve in kindness those sentient beings who have not acquired Tao nor attained Tao yet.


As for the three talents, you need to remain tranquil and bright. Be as pure as the heart of Heaven in propelling the yang and revolving the yin (evolving the universe). Always hold on to the thought of selflessness and effortlessness in service of Tao so then you can help countless sentient beings. Your future achievement will not be less than Tao pioneers. Otherwise, if you become tired after a while, or you impose human will and neglect to be coherent with Heaven’s will and Buddha’s spirit, then it is easy to fall in predicament in that you are unable to perceive the minuscule and the finest, nor can you enter the sphere of grand cosmic movement to communicate perfectly with Buddha. Not being able to fulfill your vow, how can you return to Heaven and report the mission?


It is not easy for cultivators to breakout from the field of secular fame and wealth. Do not again stumble into another level of whirlpool. Administrative title and organization exist simply in response to the cause and condition of circumstances. It is sufficient to commission professionals to handle in accordance with governmental ordinance. Old seniors! You need not hold a title and take an office. Do understand, the uniqueness of the salvation by Heavenly Tao is to secretly search for the good and the able in order that the virtue of a gentleman will be disclosed glowing in the darkness. Do not only hear applause and see cheers on media coverage and lost the spirit of ancient saints and sages who pass down the Tao heritage onto us with great concern. What I and the Divine Matriarch have left you is the matter of Tao, not a church organization.


A cultivator in the “period of last dharma” shall guard his mind against any slight deviation that will cause one to fall from grace. All our creditors in past lives have made deals with asuras (semi-deities who still hold on to anger, greed and ignorance). Together they will not ask life for life or demand merits in return. Instead, they want to result of one’s deviation from truth and one’s spiritual betrayal that will imperil one’s ancestors and gradually lead to destruction of fragmented Tao’s temple. My disciples! Observe the division and chaos in some temples. How can one not be immediately on guard, self-reflect and enlighten oneself.


Do not fight for merits and results in the temple. Do not criticize whether other temples have true heavenly decree or not, and insist newcomers to receive Tao a second time. Even under the leadership of one Great Elder, those who come from different Elders or Tao Transmitters are required to receive Tao again. Some would say Tao transmission by others is invalid. Is it that my commission from Heavenly Mother and Buddha Maitreya to appoint all of you heavenly decree of the utmost respectable and noblest transmission of Tao is only true with you and false with the others? Such an absurd idea. One thought of avarice, one word of wrongful accusation can hurt the arduous efforts in protecting transmission of holy fire and heavenly decree by generations of Patriarchs. It is indeed in violation of the great Buddhist precepts in blood-staining Buddha and breaking the union of temple members. Simply by not disobeying heavenly will, betraying Buddha Maitreya, nor claiming oneself as master, the elders in each temple shall be responsible to God of the heavenly decree in it’s lineage. Heavenly decree is founded on the ethics of truthful cultivation and propagation of Tao. I sincerely home that you respect the origin of all lineage. Assist each other in Tao. Maintain harmony in the temple of the three realms collectively.


Just came back from North-East China. By asura’s cruelty, hundreds of disciples were sacrificed there. Before their death by clung to the vows and disciplines without regret. They cried out Buddha’s mercy until the end! I knew they had to die unyieldingly under coercion. I could not save them even if I wanted to. As their teacher, I extremely lamented. In tens of years there are still numerous disciples who pass down the Tao message in the impossible environment. They have protected the solemnity of the heavenly order in the sea of blood and in inferno. They truly cultivated Tao without greed and desire. You, my disciples in the free world, can not be compared with them. The time has come. I have to make it clear. If you do not cultivate and propagate Tao, do not appreciate the grace from God but cling to quarrels on personal matters, then there will be hells of the 19th, 20th and 21st levels deep awaiting your fall.


The timing is not right yet to propagate Tao in China. If there is special condition when one can go spreading the seed of Tao, one must protect one’s own safety. Do not get hurt out of negligence and guiltlessness. Do not contact seniors of the old days so as not to jeopardize their safety. It is also to protect Tao’s seeds and the capable persons for Buddha Maitreya. It is time of differentiation. My Disciples! Cultivator and propagator of Tao shall give one’s life to God. Cultivate and propagate Tao whole-heartedly. Never again be disoriented.


In the past, I was but a Baptist in cultivation and propagation of Tao. My added responsibility was simply to pass down the legacy of Tao. Since I received Heaven’s Decree from the “bowl of eight trigrams” with the Divine Matriarch, I had propagated Tao for only seventeen years before I returned to Heaven. All that has been done is by the grace of Heavenly Mother. How can we receive credit. Nowadays, many Dian Chuan Shi (Tao Transmitter) have propagated Tao and held the post longer than I did. Please check yourself if the virtue and true merits of yours are compatible with your fame and position? After the Elder passed away, you did not repay their grace, fulfill the vows, nor safeguard the peace of Tao’s temple. Instead you marked your own territory, solicited your own people, attacked each other and caused confusion among thousands of cultivators. How can you face the grace of Heavenly Mother and compassion of Buddha in all directions? I am of no virtue. Should I give the position of master of the three realms to you? My disciples, I wish that you move forward. All that one can own in the mortal world are but fame and forms. Do not let fame and forms blind your true Buddha Nature. Why am I so affectionate! My disciples! Can you feel my caring heart?

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